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Where are the Hotspot Jobs in IT?

Thinking of a job in IT? Who isn’t these days? IT is a lucrative, esteemed profession, and with technology affecting every aspect of our daily lives, it seems plausible to believe that there are an infinite number of jobs available in this industry.

Thinking of a job in IT? Who isn't these days? IT is a lucrative, esteemed profession, and with technology affecting every aspect of our daily lives, it seems plausible to believe that there are an infinite number of jobs available in this industry.

IT, or Information Technology , is the science of managing and processing information in its many forms, including computer hardware, software applications, multimedia, data entry, and digital communication, to name a few. It is hardly a new buzzword and has always been a very popular career choice; ten years ago, for example when the Internet just started to boom, IT really took off and spawned an entire generation of ‘dotcom' experts and web designers.

Today, technology has become increasingly more complex and divergent, and its global reach makes it increasingly more critical. As technology shifts and develops, so too do the jobs and skills required to meet the progressive demands of this industry. The IT expert of yesteryear may no longer cut it in today's hi-tech world.

Neil Katz, a Senior IT recruitment consultant, will tell you in no uncertain terms that, “ no-one wants a computer programmer anymore - they have become a dime a dozen. ” And he's right. Many traditional IT skills, like computer programming, have become ubiquitous and companies are no longer seeking those talent from graduates. So while there are certainly many IT jobs out there, it is important to consider how the industry is shifting, where the hottest spots in the industry are, and most importantly, the specific skills necessary to ensure that you won't become yesterday's skilled professional.

So what are these hotspots?

The IT department is the hub of most companies and involves a variety of responsibilities including everything from computer maintenance to software development, data retrieval to customer service, and the list keeps growing. With so many companies restructuring their organizations to accommodate these developing technologies in pursuit of greater efficiency and maximum productivity, there are plenty of opportunities for qualified IT specialists. From development to maintenance, classification to analysis, here are some of the booming industries in the Information Technology Industry:

Enterprise software is integrated software that facilitates the flow of information among all the processes of an organization. This software structures large scale information databases through internal updating, searching and sorting. This complex, internal infrastructure works to link a company to its workforce and allows information to flow back and forth between workers, creating a cohesive and efficient organization. For huge conglomerates like General Motors this database system is its lifeline. SAP, Siebel and Cisco are some of the bigger names in Enterprise Software, but this aspect of the IT industry is massive and continues to grow. Language programmers - skilled in C++, Java, Linux, and other enterprise languages – are invaluable to both the Enterprise Software Industry and the companies that use these databases.

Most technical schools will provide basic training in language programming and enterprise solutions, however, if you're aiming for the best job in the industry, becoming certified in a specific Enterprise Software, like Oracle, which provides the software that powers the Internet, will guarantee a long and prosperous career. Data Warehousing is the process of envisioning, planning, building, using, managing, maintaining, and enhancing data warehouses – a database where data is collected for the purpose of being analyzed.

Data warehousing gives management the ability to access and analyze information about their companies and is an essential aspect to any profitable business. In order to ensure that the information gathered is accurate, timely, and useful there must be on-going supervision. Right now, data warehousing is a huge open job market as there are simply not enough resources, making this is a great career to get into immediately for anyone with the right skills.

Business Intelligence goes one step further in the date gathering and analysis process. BI involves interpreting the information and then explaining it to management to help companies make better business decisions. Basically the job of BI is to unlock the massive amounts of information concerning a company's performance and use it to generate a real return on investment. This job requires hybrid skills and is best suited for someone with both a business and technology degree.

As in the case with Data Warehousing, there are simply not enough people in the industry with these hybrid skills. For those who manage to bridge this business/technology gap, the compensation is worth it, and starting salaries are often as high as $55,000/year. If you already have a business degree you should consider taking an IT Program as well – or vice versa – as these hybrid skills will certainly help you land this job.

Computer Animation is a perfect career for the more creative technical savvy types. It involves using high-tech computers and laser technology to convert real images into digital form, which are then manipulated. ''Computer animation is about presenting ideas, images or objects which can't be presented in any other way and making them appear as life-like as possible,'' says David Rutherford, a computer animator at Double G Post Productions.

In computer animation, creativity can exist without boundaries and is the perfect blend of fun and technology. Think you'd like to spend your days creating 3D animation used in video games, or have a hand in digital film production creating epic scenes in movies like the ones used in Lord of The Rings? A creative edge is essential and an understanding for photography, lighting and movement is useful, but a degree in computer animation from any technical school will help you with the rest.

Wireless Development is in the early stages of its growth and is estimated to become one of the biggest areas in IT. Already the world is moving toward wireless ‘everything'; go into any electronics store and the shelves are filled with products that all make use of wireless connectivity, and everyday there are hundreds of companies creating more devices and appliances that allow users to operate them remotely from anywhere in the world.

When it comes to careers in Wireless connectivity, the jobs are in the hardware and software development sector, as well as in new ways to apply this technology. Employers are seeking wireless professionals who not only have applicable skills, but also have a practical understanding of wireless potential. As in so many IT fields, there are not enough people with these skills. By acquiring these skills at any number of IT schools and colleges you can guarantee a long and successful career in wireless development.

The good news is that demand for expertise in these areas promises to stay strong well into the future. Research, development, maintenance and tech support will always be necessary. Keep in mind though, that many of these careers are hot right now because the industry is lacking the necessary skills. Don't wait until the industry becomes flooded with IT specialists, start preparing immediately and get ahead of the game - the first step is to find the job that best suits your intrinsic skill set.

The key to getting a great job in IT , as in any industry, is having the right training. Once you've decided on a specialization, find the College or University that provides the best possible instruction to suit your needs. Look for up-to-date technology and a curriculum that is clued in to the latest technological advancements - many schools offer programs that are co-developed by experts in the field.

Hands–on training is another important aspect, and a co-op or placement program is always a great way to get your foot in the door, as are expert instructors currently employed in their field. Remember, hybrid skills are in high demand these days, so finding a school that provides a well rounded education is also important. regularly features IT schools with all of the above requirements.

The jobs in Information Technology are out there. All you have to do is take the necessary steps to get them, and in a few short months you could be working in today's hottest, most profitable industry.

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